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What is Bob-a-loo? 

Welcome to the world of Bob-a-loo, a movement-based learning program.

Bob-a-loo is designed to help children reach their developmental milestones during the most critical time in their lives; from about 2-5 years of age.

The focus is on motor, cognitive, and social development and we begin with confidence building.  When children tackle and overcome motor tasks and challenges that are just above their current level of mastery they develop self-confidence.  A child with self-confidence believes that they have the skills to help them steer through life. 



By donating to Hutan For World Health you help to ensure the

continued development of health related programs  like Bob-a-loo. 

And, your support is directed to the communities who need it most.

Every donation is tax deductible.

“I've noticed so many changes in my daughter.

Her confidence is like never before. She's talking about healthy food a lot more​--wants to eat healthier​--and told me she has to eat fruit to build muscles that will make her strong.”​ 

Linda C.


“Definitely more confidence!  My son was very hesitant about physical activity and now he is trying new things that he wasn’t willing to try before. He was afraid to climb and now he is climbing and playing more on the playground.”​

Mark W.


About Hutan For World Health

Hutan For World Health (Hutan) was established in 2014 and operates out of Michigan. It is a nonprofit public charity, granted exemption status under IRS 501(c)(3). The organization was created to improve quality of life; whether that involves instilling a love of wild and beautiful places that may result in individuals participating in the fight to save them, or by inviting children to engage in the joy of movement during a Bob-a-loo Adventure. Hutan advocates for healthy people and a healthy planet.


In order for all of us to be mentally and physically healthy human beings we need to consider not only our own individual minds and bodies but also, the natural world in which all living things flourish.